About Me

vwbusHello Everyone.  Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Dan and I am a Virginian who travels the country in search of fishing & camping adventures.

I remember the time when my dad taught me how to fish and which bait to use. We used to go back to the campsite, cook the fish on the fire we lit, share stories and sing songs and everything was just perfect. I thought I would share my experience through this blog and here I am.

360Digitour LogoI am a traveler by nature and I also love to camp out whenever I can.  I have been to all but 7 states and I toured the pyramids of Mexico when I was 18 years of age.  I also went to St John and St Thomas during my college years.  I work as a marketing consultant for Milwaukee SEO and I am a traveler at heart. Another thing I really love is loud music.  I love going to shows and concerts and I have 1500 watts of stereo in my vehicle.

For those that want to know anything else, I am 6′ 3″ tall with brown hair and blue eyes.  I love to do anything from reading a good book or watching a great movie to doing anything outdoors.  That’s all about me for now.  I will add more as I go.