I love the artwork and paintings in my RV on the go as it just makes my trip more pleasant and joyful. I recently got in touch with Theresa Paden who has original paintings for sale and got myself a painting of a Grizzly.

Hanging Art in Camper RV

I do get tired from driving the RV for 4 hours straight however I have to keep moving forward and reach my destination. No matter how tired I am when I look at this painting, it just makes me come alive and gives me that grizzly strength which allows me to move forward.

My guess is that it has to do something with the psychology of the mind and body regardless of the logic behind it, in simple terms, I just feel great and motivated to have this painting in the RV.

Selecting the Painting

My reason for buying this painting was that I sometimes wanted an extra boost of energy on the road and the motivation from the wildlife was the best way to get that in me.

What is your reason?

My friend who happens to be a pro fisher has around 12 paintings of fishes in his home. It makes him feel closer to his passion when he is not fishing.

According to him he goes to sleep looking at the paintings and that makes him a lot more relaxed and get a good night sleep.

Let’s look at the common reasons and factors for which you need a painting in your life:

  • Stay connected with personal life
  • Keep you motivated
  • Feel relaxed and stress-free
  • Remember the past and the future
  • Bringing the memories back
  • Childhood fun
  • Reminder of your life or closed ones
  • Not to get depressed
  • Stay focused on your goal
  • Have fun
  • Show off a little
  • Admire art at all times

If you are not into paintings I would encourage you to definitely try this therapy out once in your life.

Ask yourself this question about what is the most important thing in your life that is missing or the thing that relaxes you the most. You will get your answer and then just buy that painting.

Remember to buy an original painting and not a print as there is a lot of difference in the level of feeling that you get. Prints can look good however internally the brain knows its a fake and cheap thus not allowing you to open up and explore yourself.

Protect the Painting

While in an RV, it is highly important for you to keep the painting fixed in a place that is firm and does not make the painting fall off when you hit bumps on the road.

I have mine on the inside room and also got a removable lamination for it, to protect it from dust and dirt.

Ok, I will accept that I sometimes touch the painting as well and this makes me feel a little closer to the wild side of me so the removable lamination helps.

  • The painting should be firmly attached to the preferred side of the RV
  • Cover it with plastic or even a cloth 
  • Protect the canvas by keeping sharp objects away from the canvas
  • Keep the kids away from the painting at all times
  • Never have the painting near the cooking area and the water source.
  • Don’t eat near the painting

Once you have taken these precautions you will good to go and enjoy the painting for a long long time.

I personally have had mine for the past 3 years and it’s in perfect condition.

Why I chose Theresa Paden’s Painting?

I was looking for paintings for the past few months and checked out many paintings on Amazon, American Art, U-Gallery, etc. however they seemed like profit-making business and nothing connected to me directly.

I went ahead searched for paintings and saw some original artwork on Pinterest and saw her name. I googled it and reached her website, which had a lot of her paintings.

  • Animal Painting
  • Plants & Plandscape Paintings
  • Western Artwork
  • Abstracts

I quickly clicked on animal paintings and started checking them out and when I laid my eyes on the Grizzly it was just perfect. 

The first thing that came to my mind was, “OMG, it’s so real”. The brushwork and the paint were just perfect however the most important and impressive part was the eyes on bear n the painting. It just connected with me and I was a buyer.

So, I just took out my wallet made a payment with my card and within 5 days I had the painting on my doorstep.

I wrote an email to Theresa, thanking and praising her for the work done on this piece as it was brilliant. 

I had the painting with me and it even more amazing, the pictures were not able to give me the 100% but having it right in front of me was just marvelous.


Just go buy the damn painting and tell me experience. Don’t make excuses of why or how cause trust me I am a big ass grown man and I just fell in love with this painting.

I am not ashamed to admit that and trust me it would be worth it.