We all know that Tarpon fish is not that pleasant for the taste buds and the main reason fishers go behind it is for the adventure and the tough fight it puts up. This raw beast is beautiful and strong, it is said that a fisherman once caught a 350-pound tarpon fish in Florida that was 8 foot 3 inches in height.

Imagine the skill, strength, patience & experience one needs to land a Tarpon fish of that size and this is the main reason why we all love tarpon fishing in Florida.

They normally eat freshwater crabs, small fishes and mainly insects to survive. A normal 6 feet tarpon would weight an easy 100 pounds. So, be sure to pump up those muscles before heading out to your favorite tarpon fishing spot.

Speaking of spots,

Here are the 7 best Tarpon fishing spots in Florida:

1. Boca Grande, FL

Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande, Florida

Boca Grande is listed as one of the world’s best tarpon fishing spots and it’s in Florida.

Moving into May through July is the point at which we, as a rule, see the center of the tarpon relocation. This is the point at which the tremendous schools begin traveling through and the tarpon fishing is ablaze. There is no spot else, where tarpon appears in the numbers that they do here.

Slope Tides allude to enormous evening tides that happen amid the couple days earlier and after another or full moon. At the point when this happens, a large number of crabs get flushed out of the inshore and get cleared into the anticipating enormous schools of tarpon. Amid this, the fishing gets very forceful. For 2018 you will discover Hill Tides happening in the midpiece of and again at the most recent couple of long stretches of May, and about similar planning for June.

Much like the early season, late in the season can bring a slower tarpon nibble and will be climate dependent. In any case, that is as we get into the most recent months, similar to October. Be that as it may, among August and October there is still a lot of tarpons to be had. The best part about this time allotment is that the waters void out of boaters, yet the tarpon themselves are still in a sustaining free for all sort of state of mind before they begin their movement move in an opposite direction from the region after an initial couple of virus fronts.

2. Charlotte Harbor, FL

Tarpon fishing in charlotte_Harbor,_Florida,_USA

I have snared enormous tarpons multiple times in Charlotte Harbor yet have never handled any. I like to get tarpon around 4 feet long or less on the grounds that they will give you an incredible battle for 10 minutes and you can discharge them securely.

A 100-pound tarpon will take around 45 minutes to acquire and you should resuscitate them for another 5 or 10 minutes or they will kick the bucket.

The best spot to locate these enormous tarpons is on the more profound grass flats that are nearby a profound channel. The conversion of those two criteria appears to be the most significant components to locate that enormous tarpon on the pads.

3. Pine Island Sound, FL

Tarpon fishing in Pine Island Sound, Florida

Pine Island Sound has a superb community climate. No traffic lights and you can hope to encounter a very laid back demeanor from local people with no buzzing about, simply tranquil peacefulness and world class fishing. It is only a short distance far from various wonderful flats that Snook, Redfish, and Tarpon call home.

Fishing on Pine Island fishing sanctions is incredible for all ages and ability levels. On the off chance that you simply need to get out and get some fish, we would most likely prescribe fishing the boondocks flats of Pine Island Sound and Matlacha Pass. On the off chance that you extravagant having a go at something somewhat more testing Tarpon, Sharks and Goliath Grouper are on the whole just a short vessel ride away and prepared to offer you an amazing battle.

You can easily find a Tarpon pounding Ladyfish close to the west end.

4. Fort Myers, FL

Tarpon fishing in Fort Myers, Florida

Beginning in April as the tarpon start flooding into the territory. The back coves of Fort Myers and Fort Myers Ft. Myers Beach will play host to a huge number of tarpon.

The principal week or two of March we should begin to see some tarpon stream in from down south. Tarpon season is the most foreseen time of the entire year for fishers around the globe.

Stronghold Myers is a standout amongst the most productive spots in the nation to get tarpon. From Bonita springs as far as possible up to Boca Grande the mammoth tarpon swim for about 4 months in a row each year. They can be gotten off the shorelines, in the goes, in the streams, and in the bayous as far as possible up to the gulf coast.

5. Punta Gorda, FL

Tarpon fishing in Punta Gorda, Florida

Punta Gorda offers probably the best access to tarpon fishing in Charlotte Harbor. A lovely Riverfront people group that overlooks the nightfalls running over backs of tarpon as they come in the early or late evenings. With miles of directly associated trenches that host the adolescent tarpon and home to a sizeable all year tarpon populace, makes Punta a most stay tarpon goal.

Midway situated between Sarasota to our North and Fort Myers to our South, Punta Gorda is a superb area, inside a happy with driving separation from Tampa, Orlando, and Miami. Tarpon Anglers originate from all around Florida for the Punta Gorda Fishing.

We are honored with Florida daylight all year and pull in voyagers and new occupants alike, who come to Punta Gorda to appreciate the way of life that we have turned out to be well known for. It is a haven for fisherman, boaters, sun-admirers and customers alike.

As the main consolidated city of Charlotte County, Florida, Punta Gorda is the lively motor of the territory. It flaunts great cafés, marinas and a pace of life that individuals from around the globe come to appreciate.

6. Boca Grande Pass, FL

Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande Pass, Florida

The most popular tarpon competition on the planet is held right in the Boca Grande Pass which is one of the bays that interfaces Charlotte Harbor to the Gulf of Mexico.

Live lure such as threadfin herring and blue crabs work incredibly well on the shorelines and in the harbor and counterfeit baits known as dances are the essential decision when the fish are in Boca Grande Pass.

7. Port Charlotte, FL

Tarpon fishing in Port Charlotte, Florida

Tarpon fishing in Port Charlotte changes respectably consistently. High season is May to July. Low season is January to February and October to December. There is no shut season.

Settled ideal at the mouth of the Peace River, the Port Charlotte zone gives simple access to Charlotte Harbor and all its numerous marvels. Miles of lovely mangroves, sections of land of grass flats and colossal sand bars all line the east and west “walls” of Charlotte Harbor giving the absolute best fishing living space on the planet. Since this region is just minutes from Boca Grande and the Gulf of Mexico, it is viewed as the “Famous hub” of Tarpon fishing amid late-spring and fall.

Simply be prepared for some worn out arms as you experience probably the best Tarpon fishing on the planet.


Remember the rule of catching a Tarpon well not exactly a rule but it is more like the right thing to do which is to catch and release. Reel it in, take pictures and release it back into its natural habitat.

Also, be careful while releasing it back as Tarpons are a bit dangerous so be careful, stats show that most fishers get hurt not while catching it but get pocked in the process releasing it.

Lastly, when you catch your first or the next tarpon don’t be a stranger and share the pictures and videos with us on Twitter by adding our twitter handle to your post @FishingNCamping.

All the best.