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Best Tips for Fishing at Night

Tips for Fishing at Night

If you are looking for a new experience and the chance to increase your take of fish, there are a lot of benefits to fishing at night. It’s not for everyone, but with practice, you can do quite well. Using the right techniques will make a big difference in your success rate, and will ensure that your night fishing trips are not only profitable but safe as well.

Here are the best tips to follow when fishing at night:

1. Check the boat

If you will be going out onto any body of water at night, it is vital to make sure that your boat is in great working order. Stock it with all of your supplies ahead of time and make sure that you have enough fuel. Keep in mind that many lakes and rivers prohibit boating activity after sundown. Double check before heading out to make sure it is allowed where you will be fishing.

2. Get set up before it is dark

It requires a little more effort and time, but it is a lot easier to get situated and make sure you have everything you need when you can actually see. Load up the boat in the daytime and head out onto the water a little before sundown. If you will be fishing from shore, you can still get set up while there is a little light left.

3. Use the right bait

If you think it is dark on the shore or in your boat, try a few feet down in the water. Although fish do have excellent vision, even they have some trouble at night. This means that you will need to use the right combination of bait and possibly lures. For bait, anything that is really smelly will work best. Even if the fish can’t it, they will be able to smell it. For lures, metallic or glow in the dark types will work best in darker water.

4. Keep the noise down

Fish have a very sensitive hearing and they are particularly cautious at night. Keep your noise to a minimum. This is one of the other main reasons that we recommend getting set up well before nightfall. It gives you a chance to quiet down and for the fish to return to normal.

5. Movement is important

Lures that move a lot or casting techniques that create a lot of waves will be beneficial. As we mentioned above, fish do have a little trouble at night and will rely primarily on smell, hearing and noticing a big movement in the water. Use all three to your advantage.

6. Go chumming

Chumming works best at night and you will get to experience what a feeding frenzy looks like if you are in a good spot. Some prefer a chum line, or you can use it directly on your boat. Either way, this will make a big difference in your level of success.

Remember, safety should always come first, especially when you are fishing at night.

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