Need help in choosing the best saltwater fishing lures? Don’t worry, I have detailed the popular lures that always work on saltwater anywhere in the world. Some of these lures work in freshwater too!

The type of fish you are trying to catch depends on the fishing tackle as well as the choice of lures. Both saltwater jigs and topwater lures are considered good saltwater fishing lures, and in my list, I have included the best of both for a diverse ocean angling experience.

Best Saltwater Lures

S.No.Saltwater LuresPriceBuy Now
1Hopkins 550FY Hammered Spoon$12.50Buy Now
2RUNCL Saltwater Kit$16.99Buy Now
3Bomber Saltwater Grade Lure$6.99Buy Now
4Rapala X-Rap Slashbait Fish Lure$9.99Buy Now
5Dr.Fish Metal Saltwater Casting Jigs$12.99Buy Now
6Sougayilang Sinking Metal Spoons$14.99Buy Now
7Amoygoog Shrimp Lure$9.49Buy Now
8Last Cast Tackle Bucktail Jigs$12.99Buy Now
9Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet$6.99Buy Now
10Saltwater Sandworm Lures$6.99Buy Now

Top 10 Best Saltwater Fishing Lures

Here are the top plastic, inshore, antique, rubber, custom, and wooden saltwater fishing lures.

1. Hopkins 550FY Hammered Spoon (Stainless Steel)


This lovely spoon performs the action of a traditional spoon and has the bold hammered finish. I have found this spoon’s swimming action to be like real. The product is durable and all parts are made of stainless steel.

  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Help reduce trolling drag, great for medium to slow trolling
  • Lure size is 5 ½” and weight is 1 ¾ oz
  • Stainless steel super strong hook

You can get the red and white one too, which have a baked epoxy finish, but this bluish silver is my personal favorite. I have had the great luck to catch some salmon, striped bass and bluefish at different times. Try trolling them on deep wireline and it will amaze you with the big-headed grouper!

Last time I checked there were only 17 of them left so get them while it’s hot at the most affordable price.

Also, do check out my guide on trout I am sure you will love it.

2. RUNCL Saltwater Fishing Lures Kit (100 Pcs)


If you are just starting and looking for a complete kit, this is a terrific one. You get 100 pieces of different lures, that you can play around with. The worms and spoons are the most effective from this set. The box is neat and made of good quality. The lures come in different sizes and attractive colors.

  • Set of 100 pieces consisting of topwater frogs, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, spoons, worms
  • Comes with good quality sinker weights, jigs, and hooks of different sizes
  • Lures are made of high-quality TPR material that is flexible and soft
  • Double layer tackle box for easy storage and transport
  • Professional customer care service

The detailing of these lures is amazing. They look real and the swimming action is just perfect. The selection is huge and is done very tastefully to include the best lures. You can easily get largemouth bass and salmon. I found the hooks to be tight and sharp. It is a must-have kit for every angler – experienced or beginner. Great value for money, I must admit.

You can buy them right here on Amazon.

3. Bomber Saltwater Grade Lure (3/4 oz.) (for Redfish & Trout)

donk-high-pitch 1550x671

This high pitch is perfect for windy days. It attracts game fish like a charm. Oh ya, this is a topwater lure that dances left and right when you twitch your rod. This action attracts the likes of redfish and trout amongst other inshore species.

  • Loud lure with internal rattles
  • Attractive walk the dog action
  • Great colors and patterns – silver, orange, redhead and many more
  • Produces nice weighted casting action

The main attraction of this lure is its side-to-side action that attracts the predators. With these kinds of lures, you can control the action making it zig-zag upon the retrieve. The rattles add to it and as a result, a lot of predators come looking for it. The silver mullet works best among all other colors. Way to go with catching some tarpon, mackerel, and reds using this lure.

Buy it now. Check them out with some excellent discount offers.

4. Rapala X-Rap Slashbait Fish Lure (Saltwater & Freshwater)

silver-blue-mackerel 1500x450

Most of the Rapala’s fishing lures are good and so is this one. This saltwater lure has some really aggressive action that attracts any fish. Using lightweight tackle with this lure will add fun to your fishing experience. It holds up well and you can catch some yummy bonito or mackerel (yes, a mackerel for another) within minutes.

  • 4-inch, silver blue mackerel
  • Good detailing on the patterns with holographic eyes
  • Tested on the tank; hand tuned
  • Perma steel size 3 hooks

The great looks and rapid motion of this lure make the predators strike. The hooks are strong enough, but I have lost bluefish a couple of times. Can’t say though, whether it was my fault or the hook’s because I have been able to catch all other fish without any struggle. The lure just sinks to 1-2 feet but doesn’t fully sink to the bottom. You can cast or troll it and it floats nicely.

Good news. You can get it by tomorrow and yes it is really affordable.

5. Dr.Fish Metal Saltwater Casting Jigs


This is a nice assortment of 5 metal jigs that actually work. They can withstand the salty water because of the corrosion resistant coating. This a must-have set for your surf-fishing dreams to come true. The lures particularly work well on bluefish. The jerking action attracts bluefish and voila!

  • Metal jigs with a beautiful selection of colors and patterns
  • 3D holographic eyes that look real
  • Barbed, super sharp feather treble hooks
  • Slim profile to generate ripping action

At this price, this set is a steal deal. I find it very useful and just perfect for long casting. The built of the lures is good, that ensures the longest casting distance. I have tried each color and they work well for bluefish, bass, catfish, and snipers.

This awesome lure is available at a very affordable price and you should definitely check it out.

We also got some catfish baits for you to check out.

6. Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures Sinking Metal Spoons


These are small spoons that have a double hook design. The colors and patterns are beautiful. This set is one of my favorites because of the detailing on their body. This helps catch a different variety of game fish. They are a bit heavy so I prefer the traditional lift and drop jigging over the cast and retrieve. The jigging action can get you more fish from the bottom.

  • 5 lures of 6.5cm that weigh 30g; comes in a neat box
  • Realistic body design and 3D eyes
  • Durable zinc alloy material
  • Treble hooks of size 6
  • Very reasonably priced

The only issue I observed was that during a long fight, the hooks give up and there are chances that you lose the fish (it is disheartening when that happens near the surface). The lures are definitely worth a shot, so if you replace the original hooks for a good heavy-duty hook set, you should be good to go.

Feel free to have look and make it a part of your tackle box.

7. Amoygoog Saltwater Fishing Lures Shrimp (Plastic)


I did not have much confidence in glowing lures before I got this set as a gift from a friend. I had thought these lures have to be constantly charged, but I was wrong. The glow actually attracts the predator fish better, especially when it is dark. These shrimps from Amoygoog look real with luminous eye design. You can just show some form of light for a few minutes and they glow for hours after that.

  • Nice detailing on the body patterns and colors; exactly mimics real shrimps
  • Realistic swimming action makes predators pounce on them
  • Easy to use – just connect with the fishing line
  • Ultra-sharp high carbon steel hooks
  • 8cm body length; 5.6g weight

I found these lures to be very effective irrespective of the fishing rod I use. It sinks slowly giving a natural action, the soft material (silicone) makes it quite durable and a perfect set for saltwater fishing at night. You can easily catch bass, perch, and snapper. I ordered another set for myself and it was quite inexpensive!
Here you can check them out and add them to your kit.

8. Last Cast Tackle Bucktail Fishing Lure Jigs

Good quality and pocket-friendly, these jigs fetch more fish that you would expect. I have had some good luck catching fluke fish every time I jig the bucktail in deep water. It’s high-quality amazes me because of the low price. The hooks are super sharp and hold well.

  • 3D eyes, nice color; comes with holographic stripes
  • Hair to help increase visibility
  • Works well for both vertical jigging and casting
  • Strong and durable hooks

I like the ripping lips; they give a real look to the lures. The lures do attract a lot of other fish too – the healthy and tasty rockfish and bass. This a must-have set of 3 lures for both beginners and experienced anglers. Great value for money.
Check out this beautiful work of art here.

9. Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet (Rubber)

This works in a different way than the lures we have seen so far. There is a bucket you buy that has about 30 swimming mullet baits with a nice dancing tail to imitate the swimming action of live bait. The bucket has attractant with a powerful scent. You place the bait back in the bucket, and it takes in the scent again, so essentially there is no expiry date for these little lures. This type of lure is particularly good during rain because of its scent.

  • Available in three colors (different buckets)
  • Soaked in a powerful scented fluid
  • Nice swimming tail action
  • About 400 times more scent dispersion to attract fish from long distance
  • Keep recharging by storing the lures back in the container

You can buy and store a lot of them because the scent never expires. I would suggest moving the contents to an air-tight jar because the bucket is of average quality. The lures are good and easily fetches fluke, croakers, seabass, and bluefish. Be vigilant and careful about crabs, they render the tail useless! Both 4-inch and 5-inch mullets are good.
Here is where you can click and know more about them also get them delivered to you.

10. Saltwater Sandworm Lures

These worms look natural and are of high quality making them durable. If you are a beginner, this is another nice lure for you to practice. Reel in the sandworm slowly after casting out. It swims like a real worm with a natural scent that attracts a lot of predators. For experienced anglers, this lure is just about rigging and getting your delicious fish within a few minutes.

  • 24 sandworms, each of 2 inches length
  • A great choice for bottom fishing
  • Well-built, durable material
  • Long lasting natural scent
  • Realistic swimming action

The lures are soft and you might want to use bait saver hooks that have multiple barbs. With this little worm, I am able to catch perch of different sizes. Put them back in the pack and you can use them multiple times. There are many different colors available but I find the camo to be the best among the lot. Store the worms in a leak-proof container, so that you can retain the juice for a long time.

Which Saltwater Lure to Use in Rivers and Streams?

Heavy sinking tackle like Jackson G Control is the best saltwater lure for running streams and rivers.

Let me share my experience with the Jackson G Control lure, It was a slow day under the blazing sun with the tide slowly reaching its neap phase was about to call it a session when my eyes spotted some baitfish fleeing, providing me the opportunity to make a cast towards that direction. While sinking to the designated depth was welcomed by a solid take and a blazing run towards the reef. Moments like this I am thankful I wasn’t using a lighter tackle.

The fight was short-lived but this memory will be embedded for a long time. Kudos to my fishing buddy for the superb landing skills as he flew down the breaker with his boga to secure the catch.

Here is what I used:

  1. Rod: Zenaq Spirado Black Art B67 Frog
  2. Reel: Daiwa Ryoga 1520H
  3. Lure: Jackson G Control
  4. Line: Sufix 832 30lbs
  5. Leader: YGK Fluoro 40lbs

What Factors Affect Anglers using Saltwater Fishing Lures?

10 Great Saltwater Fishing Lures

Applies to both saltwater and freshwater:

It is important to know where and when you can find fish in the ocean. You could follow other anglers or find your own spots and timings based on the below factors.

  • Location: You can spot saltwater fish in places where there are food, oxygen, and a hiding place. Even with that, different fish live in different environments, for example, bluefish, tarpon, tuna are some of the fish that need more salt to survive. However, the likes of shad and salmon live in salty water but move upstream to spawn. Some of the best hiding places are docks, seawalls, bridges, and inlets, so these should be your primary target spots.
  • Night fishing: I have fished across the continents and tried many lures in the ocean water. In my experience, fishing at night has fetched me some of the best saltwater fish (the perfect bedtime being 11pm-2am). The fish feel safe to move closer to the shore for feeding during night time. Predator fish are also particularly attracted towards glowing lures because of their starting color pattern and good glowing eye. You need to be alert and have your surrounding well-lit, use some good fishing lights and do some practice at day time till you get the knack of night fishing!
  • Tides: When the tide is running (neither high nor low) there are better chances of fishing because the current will be fastest during the time between high and low tides. The fish move to estuary area during incoming (rising) tide and start searching for food on saltwater flats. If you cast your lure at this time, you can get some of the best predators. Topwater lures work best during this time.
  • Storms and rains: Fishing in the ocean and along the shoreline are somewhat unpredictable. Don’t get scared if there are unexpected storms or rains. You can catch some great fish before and right after a big storm, and even during light drizzle – if you are well prepared with your gears and lures. For example, scented lures and topwater lures give good results during light rains and post storms.

Secret Tip:

During rough weather (like a cold breezy winter night), most of the fishermen leave (big mistake!). But that is perhaps one of the perfect times to fish for some deadly fish – you have to be quick and need some prior angling experience for trying this out, but the adventure is totally worth it.

What is the Best Inshore Saltwater Fishing Lure?

Some of the most effective inshore saltwater fishing lures that I would personally recommend are:

  • Gold spoons
  • Vudu shrimp
  • Red jig heads
  • Gulp Natural Shrimp
  • Live shrimp on a poppit cork

These are highly recommended and definitely effective. Feel free to share your experience with these and it would be great if you can send me some pics and videos.


Saltwater fishing is a different and fulfilling experience. If you are a beginner, try lake fishing first to get the hang of this sport. I have learned different fishing techniques from my dad and we have had some best times during ocean fishing. Sometimes rough, sometimes nice, the weather is always a surprise inshore.
We have tried trolling, jigging, reeling… everything works when you have a good set of lures. Fish like snapper, black sea bass and swordfish were some of my favorites and they make for a delicious meal when grilled or sautéed. Hope these saltwater fishing lures will get you your favorite fish for breakfast.
So, get your gears, ready your tackle box with these best saltwater fishing lures and go fishing the ocean way!