If you are a catfish fishing enthusiast, whether a pro or a beginner, you are always going to be looking for Catfish fishing tips. That is the nature of the pursuit – how to catch more fish, how to catch bigger fish, where do you find the best catch and what do you use for your fishing equipment? Fishing enthusiasts are eager to share this information and always interested in hearing what works for others.

You will find different types of catfish in all types of waters from rivers to ponds and even murky and stagnant water bodies. This makes them available in different areas. There are some things you can follow to make sure that you improve your chances of a huge haul.

Here are 5 amazing tips to catch catfish:

1. Sharpen your Hooks

The simplest and easiest thing you can do for increasing your catch is sharpening your hooks. Catfish have a particularly slippery mouth and unless your hook happens to catch the upper or lower jaw at an angle or you are lucky enough to find a particular spot in the mouth for the hook to slide in, the chances are very high that regular hooks will slide right off of a catfish. Whether you are using an older hook that is dulled or taking a brand new fishing hook out of its packaging it is worth your while to sharpen the hook. If you try using your regular hook against a catfish skin you will realize how ineffectual it is in lodging into the fish unless the pressure and angle are just right. Since both these are not in your complete control while fishing you can increase your odds by sharpening the hooks you are using. Experts indicate a 50% increase in the catch by using this simple catfish fishing tip.

2. Know your Water

Stay alert and aware of the exact kind of water environment you are fishing in. If you are looking for catfish in clear water, you will benefit from paying attention to the behavior of the catfish. Catfish travel in schools and seem to adopt group patterns of behavior. So if you run into one biting catfish it is likely that you will run into all the friends traveling with that one. They travel fairly closely together, sometimes as close as 5 feet away. If you find that after catching a few, you are suddenly not getting any more just follow the current and you will find where the fish have traveled. It is helpful to pay attention to the water level and plan your movements accordingly.

3. Check Water Temperature

Another interesting catfish fishing tip is to pay attention to details such as water temperature and depth. On a hot summer day, if you are in a relatively shallow water area and there is not much movement in the water you can be certain that there will not be any fish feeding at the bottom. This is because there will be insufficient oxygen further down and so the catfish are likely to be near the surface. So make sure that you cast your bait fairly close to the surface. An intelligent fisherman will also look to see if there is any water flow into the area as catfish will be attracted to the oxygenation resulting from the movement and so that will be a prime spot for some good fishing.

4. Use the Right Bait

Use the best catfish bait whenever possible. This seems like an obvious detail when you hear it but very often it is forgotten that fish are likely to be attracted by what they normally eat in any area. This means that frozen bait is to be avoided at all costs. Catfish seldom respond to frozen baits as they probably do not feel attracted to the scent on the taste of it. Shad and skipjack, grasshoppers that have fed on alfalfa hay and healthy grass rather than weeds, freshwater herring and perch are recommended by seasoned fishermen as effective baits.

5. Leave Bait Trail

Another simple catfish fishing tip that has proven its effectiveness, particularly in still-water fishing, requires you to leave a trail with your bait. This is a simple way of making sure you cover a wider area to attract any passing fish. The natural instinct of the fish is to seek its food to smell and the suggestion of its taste. When you drop bait into the water, the scent disperses slowly and attracts the fish. If you trail the bait for 50 to 75 yards before letting it sink in one place, you are increasing your coverage area quite a bit and this works well to draw in catfish.


These tips are fairly basic things to try for anybody heading out to catch some catfish. You are not going to be spending money on expensive equipment but you can use your understanding of an environment and the instincts of the fish to increase your chances of having a great dinner.

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